Thursday, September 15, 2011

Menger Sponge in Minecraft

The site i used to learn about fractals: has a section fractals and minecraft.

This section shows a huge sierpinski pyramide and an enomous menger sponge.
Check it out:
Minecraft Menger Sponge
Minecraft Sierpinski Pyramide

First results

Today i worked on a model of the menger sponge office building using google sketchup.
I want to show you my first results:
One of the 27 blocks of the building is already modeld. Not very good though but it gives you a rough idea of what it will look like when its done.

Here is it:
 Every office is 9qm in size and has at least 2 windows. The rooms are 3 meter high

And this is what one of the offices could look like.

Feel free to critic, comment and contribute.

Menger Sponge shaped office building

On  i saw a menger sponge building in minecraft.
So tonight i started to work on a menger sponge shaped office building. It would be 27x27x27m big.
One story would be 3 meters high. It would be a very bright office buidling and it would definitly be an eyecatcher.

Working on a model right now using sketch up. I will show you the some results soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The idea of fractal architecture

A few month ago a stubled across fractals. The topic fascinated me instantly, even though it is hard to understand as a non-mathematician. But once you get a hold of it you see the world from a complete new perspective.

I started to see fractals in nature and discovered the mandelbrot fractal. Eventually i asked myself what the applications in the real world for fractals are. There are fractal antenna, fractal compression and lots of visual computer graphics stuff.
Trying to think of something on my own, come up with a new idea for using fractals seemed rather difficult. I forgot the topic for some weeks and then it stroke me like lightning.

How about fractal architecture?
Architecture that uses fractals for better usability, magnificent and unique design.

My first ideas are somthing like sierpinski pyramide and menger sponge shaped houses. But i hope i can think of more revolutionary ideas.
In this blog i will post my concepts.
Please feel free to contribute, critic and comment.

If you are a fractal beginner i recommend Its a great site to get to know fractals.